Museum Digital Interface – The University of Oklahoma

Alive is the name of a museum digital application using augmented reality to extend the experience of visitors inside and outside the museum. Alive is making the art alive by giving it new dimensions and spaces accessible to the viewer.


Digital Learning Application – The University of Oklahoma

Smartouch is a digital learning application where students and professors connect on the same platform to enhance the student learning experience inside and outside the classroom.

Smartouch is the concept of an educational mobile application allowing students, parents, and teachers to be connected into a single platform.

Students can access their homework, course content, prepare for an exam, and view their course standing compared to their classmates. It’s also a fun way to study by challenging your friends to answer random questions.

Parents would access the course given by the teacher such as homework, exams, and grades of the student. An interface would also allow parents to contact the teacher through the application.

Smartouch would be a way to engage students in their studies through accessible technologies.


Retailing Application – The University of Oklahoma

For this redesign project, I documented my interactions with the mobile application Tapingo in its iOS version. Based on this initial documentation, I then critiqued, evaluated and re-envisioned the functionality, usability, hierarchy, simplicity, and style of the interface. Below is the design that I created based on the result of my investigation and my considerations towards improving the original application.


Merchandise – The University of Oklahoma

WandRLust is the name of a fictitious merchandise company for which I created a brand and developed a campaign. This page presents the homepage and product page prototypes of the brand’s website.