Travel Book – North Carolina State University

San Francisco is the name of a travel book that visually inspires hopeful travelers about the destination of San Francisco through the use of typography only.

This design project started with the purchase of the California, San Francisco chapter of Lonely Planet. While San Francisco is city internationally recognized, creating this travel artifact allowed me to discover the city on a more deeper level. Starting with the quote from R. Kipling — “San Francisco has only one drawback – ’tis hard to leave.” — this design became a 56-page book presenting San Francisco with 32 poetic quotes and 86 sites of interest introduced throughout 52 qualitative adjectives.

Each page introduces a different typeface and a different level of gradient while keeping a systematic structure. While the differences represent the diversity of the city of San Francisco, the systemic layout allows guides the user through this diversity while creating a unifying experience.

This fold-out book is meant to be read at home without any particular direction. You can start with the first letter or start in the middle. You can unfold the whole book together or just read it like a book.

The book also comes with a typographic map of San Francisco where the user is sent out by the keys found in each page of the book.