Museum Exhibition – The University of Oklahoma

Alive is the name of a museum digital application using augmented reality to extend the experience of visitors inside and outside the museum. ALIVE is making the art alive by giving it new dimensions and spaces accessible to the viewer.

The augmented reality application Alive provides suggestions of artworks that are related to the art piece that a viewer is experiencing. These suggestions are based on the myths, personages, painters or any other components related to the art piece. This gives the visitor alternative ways to navigate the museum and thus expand the range for experiences possible.

Alive provides two main access points to the content of the museum. On one hand, a more entertaining approach to the arts that creates new ways for the general public to access to the arts. On the other hand, a more research-based approach with content for students or art historians called Alive Research Kit. The Alive Research Kit provides richer and deeper content placed in the context of current research.