101st Annual Student Exhibition

Museum Exhibition Design – The University of Oklahoma

The 101st Annual School of Art & Art History Student Exhibition of the University of Oklahoma took place in January 2015 in the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. Since 1992, Visual Communication students have designed the identity/logo/brand of this exhibition.

My aim was to represent the infinite possibilities in art through a brand using a singular logo and its multiple variations.

Gloria Di Venezia

Exhibition Identity and Information – North Carolina State University

The following work is a speculative exhibition identity and information system for Glory of Venice: Renaissance Paintings 1470-1520. This exhibit surveys the development of Renaissance painting in Venice from the second half of the 1400s to the early 1500s. The exhibition was exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Spring 2017.

Gloria Di Venezia is the name of this speculative exhibition with a goal to expose the book artifacts presented in the original exhibition. The goal of this design concept was to create an environment allowing a greater appreciation of 15th and 16th rare artifacts but also to encourage a deeper understanding of the individual pieces as objects and products in the history of typography and manuscript.

The strategy was to present both the physical artifacts but also a digital version of those books to allow visitors to interact with them without the fragility limit of such rare objects. The exhibition would include display cases at the scale of the books and in the position of the visitor’s visual field. The use of light in the gallery rooms would either create bright and inviting rooms improving the visibility of the objects or in some instance mimic IR and UV lights to suggest examination rooms. Finally, a wall-sized touch screen would be used as a way for the visitors to interact with the 2D or 3D digital versions of the books.

Continuing on this idea of thematic sections, another section of the exhibition would focus on introducing the technique and the craft behind those artifacts.

To allow a more precise contextualization of this speculation identity and information piece, Barbara Weidemann, managing curator at the North Carolina Museum of Art visited our studio as part of our critique process.

Suave Nektar

Retail Narrative – The University of Oklahoma

Swav Nekar is the brand name of a speculative elegant, refined, high-end and mysterious product and heritage of long lasting tradition created by the alliance and hard work of a perfumer and a chef who developed the perfect combination to obtain the perfect taste and smell. Together they succeeded to create the perfect balance of character and purity in each of the flavors: the perfect accord between a smooth taste and a delicate perfume awakening all your senses. The tradition continued for centuries while elegance and refinement are still its main attributes.


Merchandise – The University of Oklahoma

Travelling is one of my passions so I decided to develop a concept for a company and brand highlighting charms and treasures of places in a modern and minimalist way. I began with Paris as a prototype of my concept.